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I'm the graphics director at The Washington Post. I love to read, travel, play tennis, take photographs and see live music. For more, check out my website.
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How to craft an inspiring inaugural address

A great inauguration speech is an elusive thing. A good one inspires the people and sets the tone of the presidency. A bad one can leave the crowd bored and uninspired. Composing these speeches isn’t as easy as you might think, but fortunately the best ones generally break down into a similar structure. Follow the steps below to create your own address and when you finish, see how your version stacks up.

Post about my new project with Dan Keating on @innovations:


This week we launched the Better/Worse Life Project, which looks at population growth, unemployment and median income across the country over the past 30 years and uses that data as a background to frame the very simple, open question ‘Is life in your state getting better or worse?’