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I'm the graphics director at The Washington Post. I love to read, travel, play tennis, take photographs and see live music. For more, check out my website.
Posts I Like

View of east Jerusalem from the city of David (Taken with Instagram at City of David)

Mountains at Masada (Taken with Instagram at Top of Masada)

Dead sea from Masada (Taken with instagram)

Milk grotto in Bethlehem (Taken with instagram)

Dome of the rock and the wailing wall below (Taken with instagram)

Dyeing Easter eggs! (Taken with instagram)

Song 1 exhibit @ hirshhorn (Taken with Instagram at Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden)

Rosalyn skyline (Taken with instagram)

Jefferson #nofilter (Taken with instagram)

Legs (Taken with instagram)